Thick formed lace style floral motif and abstract geometric form rivet middle bejeweled fancy lace border

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Laces are fancy, they are well accepted, they even get on the hearts of fashion grumpy scrooges. Such is their acceptability that they can be molded into any fashion element or trim and they just center their charm on the wearer. We here at LaceCraft has that node to laces and their range is well spread across our product lines with the ‘border’ section being a hit. Adding to this is our next product, the ‘Thick formed lace style floral motif and abstract geometric form  rivet middle bejeweled fancy lace border’. Our crew of able professionals has scoured the market for its acceptability and fashion acceptance, thus bringing you this product with full satisfaction guaranteed. On an eclectic saree or along the edges of a kaftan dress, running the length of the turn-ups of a maxi design skirt or on the rims of a fancy shirt top, edging along the fold and seams of a designer trouser set or on the neck, sleeves and princess line of a flowy floral princess top, anything custom made and personalized, this is a perfect choice for crowd recognition.  Available in other options and variations too.

Width :      Approx. 4 Cm. 

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