Roses-in-bloom full bunch thread embroidered multi-purpose exclusive kota fabric

Sku: 1027
₹639.0 /Meter

Description of product

LaceCraft has always celebrated the beauty and the regal stature of roses. In all types of our products we give our special nod to these magnificent blooms. The next in our line of embroidered materials, the ‘Roses-in-bloom full bunch thread embroidered multi-purpose exclusive fabric’ has the imperial flash of a well cut diamond and at the same time the simplicity of a calm bunny hare. They have been introduced into the market after a deep search of trend acceptability and customer wanting by our able professionals. As a beautiful designer laccha skirt or an off-shoulder choli, as a trail cut kurthi or a handkerchief skirt, in any designs and forms, this item has the power to hold up the wear in the limelight.

Material- Silk Base

Work In Width - 38 -inch
Total Width -    42-inch

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