Overlapping rivet style funky and contemporary look very chic and calmly glamorous designer look geometric elements beads sheet

₹605.0 /Sheet

  • Use in Purse,Garments, Footwear,Hair Accessories Etc.
  • Easily Washable
  • Hot Fix by Iron
  • Explore Your Creativity

Description of product


 Approx. 16x10 inches

How to use:-

To use the hot-glue patches, one can cut them into individual motifs, into strips in straight succession or as a group in a specific shape (say in a square, rectangle, asymmetric, diamond etc. form). With an already built in ready-to-use glue base, they just need to be placed on the desired surface (clean and dry) and then hot pressed with an iron box or hot surface. The Diamanté and other trinkets then stick on to the exterior as the heat melts the glue base. Another alternative is that, you can use a fabric friendly adhesive and paste them as an applique rather than ironing them. 

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