Heavy Zardosi embroidered thread work and tiny beads fixed Qutub-minar grand patch (2 Pcs)

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Continuing with the theme of getting the buildings of India’s pride into our patch collection, we here have our next number. Bought to you by LaceCraft, the next item ‘Heavy Zardosi embroidered thread work and tiny beads fixed Qutub-minar grand patch’ has what it takes to beautify our ideas with bits from our national heritage. A gift from the mighty Mughal empire this one has been checked for its product surprise factor and customer acceptance by our team of researching customer crew. On the rims of an ornate art silk saree or the edges of a beautiful long skirt, along the edges of an artistic dupatta or an eclectic silk scarf,  decorating the borders of a festive plain palazzo in crinkled silk or even as a special design feature on your plain long kurtha, this specific item is justbeauty from the past waiting to take its design wings. Available in other colours/styles too.  


Max. Width- Approx-9-cm

Max. Height- Approx-14.4- cm

(Available in a Pack of 2 Pc.)

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