Heavily Zardosi and thread work done designer style Taj-Mahal inspired royal and imperial look festive patch

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Description of product

Taj Mahal is the great monument of love that has sung the enchanting love of Mumtaz Mahal and emperor Shajahan. Declared as a world heritage site and to the pride of India as a World Wonder, this monument of evergreen love and devotion has been artistically captured and bought to you, sourced by LaceCraft with the ‘Heavily Zardosi and thread work done designer style Taj-Mahal inspired royal and imperial look festive patch’. Researched by our crew of professionals, this has been checked for its fashion elements and market acceptance. On the edges of a designer long salwar set or framing a silk saree, on the pleats of an eclectic full length toga inspired gown for a cultural fusion or the hems of a straight cut midi skater dress, on the peplum frills of a desi-gown or even on the waist of a high cut pair of denim trousers, anything this appliqué is on and it fills the outline with a small bit of element of this never ending saga of monumental beauty. Available in other styles too. 


Max. Width- Approx-13.5-cm

Max. Height- Approx-12.5- cm

(Available in a Pack of 2 Pc.)

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