Dancing-Mor full glory patch/Peacock-patch/Zardosi-patch-Online/Art-DIY

Dancing-Mor full glory patch/Peacock-patch/Zardosi-patch-Online/Art-DIY

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Description of product

  • Item: Patches Casual/Stylish/Elegant/Party/Festive/Grand
  • Material: Fabric/Royal Style/Eclectic/Sequins/Beads/Feathers/Natural/Man-made/Stick-on/Zari/Zardosi etc.
  • Size: Approximately 10 cm (length), 15.5 cm (width)
  • Can be usedfor: Casual style, Fashion look, Party feel, Festive appearance, Bridal grace, Home furnishings, Arts and Crafts, DIY projects,Multi Usetype product.
  • Styling Ideas: On an illusion neckline of a wedding gown with an extra little sparkle added or the sleeves of a transparentnet top, on the borders and pallu of achikankarikameez or the edges of your plain cotton saree, along the frame of your waterfall skirt or even on the back of a chiffon shirt, these patch surprises always give us such an open choice of ornamentation.
  • Special Features: Can be used as a single/pair/bunch of piece(s), Stick-on/Iron-on elegance, English Lace-like, Rhinestones, Zari Zardozi elements, Beaded features, Retro styles, Celebration feel, Layered elegance, Handmade, Customised look, Easy to use etc.

Important information: Product Colours May Slightly VaryDue  toYour Monitor/ Mobile Screen. Every effort has been made to ensure that the productcoloursshown on the websitegetspossibly as close as to the actual shades. However please be aware, that on some computers/laptops/devices etc., screens may showlightvariations. ‘LaceCraft’ will not be held accountable for products that differ slightly in color from what is shown on the screen.

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