Bird and sunflowers heavily embellished cut-out patch

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Description of product

Sparrows are one of the cutest birds of flight you can see and flowers are the best sight you can get, so when these two are brought collectively, they become a striking vision to witness and to embrace. LaceCraft here gives you such a piece of vision, the ‘Bird and sunflowers heavily embellished cut-out patch’, to beautify your designs with elements of the natural kingdom. A single piece as a design feature on your garment or in a set to get the symmetries right, in a bunch to make the creation grand or even as a collection on a vast piece of clothing like a Saree to really up its stakes, anything this patch is set as it just polishes the propose with its splendor and essentials of magnificence. Available in other colour options too.


Max. Width- Approx- 18-cm

Max. Height- Approx.- 18 cm.

(Available in a Pack of 4 Pcs.)

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