2128,3rd Floor, Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, 110006 Delhi IN
2128,3rd Floor, Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, IN
Jos Chakshu Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts!!!
Jos Chakshu Wooden-Made: Responsible embellishment with care ms.blog_posts/5c01415a5497f377efc77a61/5c02409688322056a48c87cb.jpg
Jos Chakshu The Fun and Elegance in the Majestic Appliques of Embellishments: Patches!!! ms.blog_posts/5bdbf938091b525ecd5b0dbd/5bdbf8cbb9f35a5f25d573ec.jpg
Jos Chakshu Graceful Edges, Stylised Visions: It’s the Borders ms.blog_posts/5bbf35d72bf48a70e6e095b0/5bbf348355b5066ea6f6cb3e.jpg
Jos Chakshu Creating a dream, Sewing it with glee- Fabrics, our greatest creative buddy!!! ms.blog_posts/5bb1f669ea2ec4395df4fb58/5bb1f62832a10739d3596eee.jpg
Jos Chakshu Laces: Then, Now and How… Splendor in the finer rims… ms.blog_posts/5bac75b38dda8e0d3ca3b336/5bac98e5a58562015fbcf42c.jpg
Jos Chakshu Ribbons-As borders, with Love ms.blog_posts/5ba36c074a81649508fd9021/5ba367714a81649508fd7220.jpg
Jos Chakshu The splendor in Framing it Right… with the Borders ms.blog_posts/5b9cdf95d7487e4ad82aefc0/5ba0e7050dc98fb4b7cd8224.jpg
Jos Chakshu Laces- Are The Beauty in The Edging Companion, The Exquisite Feel of The Border Stylers ms.blog_posts/5b8f888436e7f69a1dc2985f/5b8fa341c5ecab51296b6fee.jpg
Jos Chakshu Jewels of embellishment, In Royal style: Stick-On Patch/Laces/Beads Sheets ms.blog_posts/5b757fc2bbfdfd3f8df127a5/5b77c121cc8d1d3e5f67cc32.jpg
Jos Chakshu Fabrics- The mould of fashion stories ms.blog_posts/5b5b17c911718a15eca72eb8/5b77c1b6c9572855873701b3.jpg
Chakshu jose Just that right bit in ornamenting- Fashion Trims, the less-sung stars on your beautiful garbs… ms.blog_posts/5b445d8f8424222646109784/5b44979848a3f813c19ef25e.jpg

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A toast to the New-Year and a Content Adieu to our fabulous Discount-Sale…

Hello all,

LaceCraft hopes that the festive season rang in good memories for all and if things didn’t go as planned, here is our wish that everything gets back on track very soon. As sometimes, things have to come to a handsome ending to star stuff fresh and bright, we here at LaceCraft are announcing our ever successful Discount-Sale having a closure. Our beloved customers and visitors have been ever so supportive that we had to extend our sale/discount for all, earlier. But it’s the point for it to come to a beautiful close by the 5th of January 2019.

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As 2018 is closing to a gloriously and eventful dusk and 2019 is dawning to a start with hopes held high... Here are our cheers to wonderful opportunities, great happenings and happiness all around…For You, For Us and For All…

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year worth of lifetime memories and warmness in our hearts….

Team LaceCraft.

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