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2128,2nd Floor, Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, IN
Jos Chakshu Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts!!!
Jos Chakshu Wooden-Made: Responsible embellishment with care ms.blog_posts/5c01415a5497f377efc77a61/5c02409688322056a48c87cb.jpg
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Jos Chakshu Graceful Edges, Stylised Visions: It’s the Borders ms.blog_posts/5bbf35d72bf48a70e6e095b0/5bbf348355b5066ea6f6cb3e.jpg
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Jos Chakshu Jewels of embellishment, In Royal style: Stick-On Patch/Laces/Beads Sheets ms.blog_posts/5b757fc2bbfdfd3f8df127a5/5b77c121cc8d1d3e5f67cc32.jpg
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Cash On Delivery



1. Cash On Delivery (COD) options available for selected locations at

2. To check the availability of the COD option, you can access the product description page and enter the pin code in the slot available for more information.

3. COD is available on orders up to INR 2500/- only.

4. When the Cart Value Order exceeds INR2500/- , the COD option get Unavailable/Disappear.

5. An extra charge of INR 100/- will be levied against the COD orders.

6. You can place only one COD order at a time.

7. A second COD is only placeable, when the first order has been delivered.

8. COD fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

9. Along with COD, shipping charges are also applicable on every order.

10. Upon the return/un claim of a COD order, another order won’t be dispatched to the same Location/ Address.

11. COD is unavailable for international orders.

12. Cancellation on a given order will not change the COD charges applicable on an existing order.

13. For every COD order, customer verification will be done on the provided phone number and then only will be the order dispatched.

14. If the details given/ provided for the COD order come out as incomplete / false, the 'C.O.D' ORDER will get cancelled at the company’s discretion.

15. 'LACECRAFT' holds the authority to Confirm/Cancel any orders without any reason.

16. After entering the Shipping Details in the Order Process section, upon entering the Pin Code the message automatically indicates the availability of COD on the preferred location.

17. Upon the eligibility of the COD on the supplied pin code, the Cash-on-delivery option will be activated on checkout (otherwise the COD option says inaccessible).

18. If the COD option is being shown on the pin code and if then it’s not seen at the checkout time, please do contact our customer service, we will sort that out for you.

19. After the dispatch of a COD order, it’s not possible to cancel it under any circumstances.