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2128,3rd Floor, Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, IN
Jos Chakshu Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts!!!
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Wooden Made

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Wood isfancifulway to g...

Wood isfancifulway to give the finishing touch to your fashion or decoration. Lacecraft is aone stopshop of various kinds of wooden accessories like wooden beads, wooden bead necklace, woodcraft, wooden beads, wooden gifts, wooden accessories, and wooden buttons. We offer unique and original wooden accessories for your personal use and home decoration also.


  • Item: Wooden-Made Casual feel/Trendy looks/Nature-Responsible fashion/Tribal inspired/Party looks/Bohemian muses/CoolFactor etc.
  • Material: Wood, Painted wood, Polished wood, Coloured wood, Metallic-Inlay wood, Shells, Rustic-look designs, Matt finish look, Carved wood etc.
  • Size: ***(According to the item in the picture)
  • Can be used for: Embellishments, Ornamentations, Embroideries, Making ornaments, Stylising Home furnishings, DIY projects, Creative and artsy concepts, Multiuse type product.
  • Styling Ideas: On a bohemian inspiredout-fitor a designer free-spirited style, as a statement accessory or as a stylish enhancement, along the body of an upscale look or trotting the decorative runway style, having the heads up with thefamingof your home linens in rustic charm or making that customised accessory a trend testimonial… the wooden-made is to stay and they will stay with fashion poise and imperial grace.
  • SpecialFeatures: Natural Materials, Responsible fashion, Easy to handle, Creative flare, Retro looks, Countryside charisma, Nature-Friendly, Cute and irresistible etc.
  • Important information: Product Colors May Slightly Vary Due To Photographic Light Settings Or Your Monitor/Screen Sets.