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2128,3rd Floor, Kinari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, IN
Jos Chakshu Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts!!!
Jos Chakshu Wooden-Made: Responsible embellishment with care ms.blog_posts/5c01415a5497f377efc77a61/5c02409688322056a48c87cb.jpg
Jos Chakshu The Fun and Elegance in the Majestic Appliques of Embellishments: Patches!!! ms.blog_posts/5bdbf938091b525ecd5b0dbd/5bdbf8cbb9f35a5f25d573ec.jpg
Jos Chakshu Graceful Edges, Stylised Visions: It’s the Borders ms.blog_posts/5bbf35d72bf48a70e6e095b0/5bbf348355b5066ea6f6cb3e.jpg
Jos Chakshu Creating a dream, Sewing it with glee- Fabrics, our greatest creative buddy!!! ms.blog_posts/5bb1f669ea2ec4395df4fb58/5bb1f62832a10739d3596eee.jpg
Jos Chakshu Laces: Then, Now and How… Splendor in the finer rims… ms.blog_posts/5bac75b38dda8e0d3ca3b336/5bac98e5a58562015fbcf42c.jpg
Jos Chakshu Ribbons-As borders, with Love ms.blog_posts/5ba36c074a81649508fd9021/5ba367714a81649508fd7220.jpg
Jos Chakshu The splendor in Framing it Right… with the Borders ms.blog_posts/5b9cdf95d7487e4ad82aefc0/5ba0e7050dc98fb4b7cd8224.jpg
Jos Chakshu Laces- Are The Beauty in The Edging Companion, The Exquisite Feel of The Border Stylers ms.blog_posts/5b8f888436e7f69a1dc2985f/5b8fa341c5ecab51296b6fee.jpg
Jos Chakshu Jewels of embellishment, In Royal style: Stick-On Patch/Laces/Beads Sheets ms.blog_posts/5b757fc2bbfdfd3f8df127a5/5b77c121cc8d1d3e5f67cc32.jpg
Jos Chakshu Fabrics- The mould of fashion stories ms.blog_posts/5b5b17c911718a15eca72eb8/5b77c1b6c9572855873701b3.jpg
Chakshu jose Just that right bit in ornamenting- Fashion Trims, the less-sung stars on your beautiful garbs… ms.blog_posts/5b445d8f8424222646109784/5b44979848a3f813c19ef25e.jpg


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With a sprinkle of fashion grandeur and with a lot of trendy wonder, Like that of a great grand imperial flare or that of a Princess beauty, Fine like a polish...

With a sprinkle of fashion grandeur and with a lot of trendy wonder, Like that of a great grand imperial flare or that of a Princess beauty, Fine like a polished posh sense or like a subtle delicate creature of the fairy woods; nothing is more captivating with its modishness yet the simplicity of a calmcountry sidesensation like that of the Neckline patches from us. Having a dedicated and qualified team of customer professionals on a constant research of new products and market demand, we here at LaceCraft (now aMultiSellerfacility) are always updated with our product lines and like to re-acquaint you with our newest of the Neck patch collection (designer, leather, ornamented, heavy embellished, embroidered, poncho style, lace and cut-work look, collar type, floral, geometric, heavy feel etc. in styles)  for having an artistic and dainty finish for your next design of choice. On a bridal Lehanga or a rich feel saree blouse, a Mughal inspired heavy Anarkali suit or that of a celebratory number, on the neck of a bohemian free-spirited pheasant top or just as a style statement to your simple crew neck sweater dress, on anything and everything, if placed wisely these necklines from us just gets your style stakes up in the skies.


  • Item: Necklines Casual/Celebratory/Oranamented/Embroidered/LaceStyle/LeatherLook/ Poncho-special/DoubleSide/Floral/Geometric/Trendy etc.
  • Material: Cotton/Knitted/Faux-Leather/Velvet/Brocade/Net/Adhesive-base/MetallicStyle etc.
  • Size:  *** (length), ***(width)
  • Can be usedfor:Festive occasions, Celebrating styles, Bridal outfits, Wedding looks, Casual-wear, Forma-wear, Trendy designs, everything fashion choices.
  • StylingIdeas: On the neck of a royal salwar set or a special occasion short top, decorating the neckline of an eclectickurthaor even on the blouse of a set-saree, on the neckline of a long bridal top or on a regal Karachikurtha, on a distinctive Patiala top or on an eclectic saree blouse, on a single shoulder as a design feature paired up with one of our bejeweled patch or on the frame of a beautiful dark contrast velvet saree or the body of a indo-western slip dress, along the rims of a sheath design with a skirt or a dress or the borders of a pareo/sarong skirt, any neck-surface of a serene fine design will raise your fashion factor high.
  • Special Features: Lace look, Stones and ornaments embellished,Leather trimmed, Netlike,Applique/Patch look, Necklace style, Easy to use etc.
  • Important information: Product Colors May Slightly Vary Due To Photographic Light Settings Or Your Monitor/Screen Sets.