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Wooden-made: responsible embellishment with care

Wooden-Made: Responsible embellishment with care:


Wood is as natural as it can be and timber craft being one of the world’s most ancient art forms has been through centuries, civilization and into the ultramodernity that one can get today. Wooden embellishments and Wood-Made artifacts have travelled through time and beyond, from the instance man had made his very first tool as it was just wooden mde-1not  there to hunt and kill but also to carve and embellish too. Hand-carved Wooden Crafts and trinkets were their share of beautification and enhancement. These pieces of nature-friendly items have come a long interesting way in the process of development and evolvement.

wooden made-2

The most curious fact is that man has developed so much that artificial wood, like a clone to these have been in the market, and many times we fail to tell the difference. But whatever the situation is, and that Wood and its ornamentation counterparts will never ever cease to have the general mass in their favour; for their nature friendliness, for their sustainability and well for their pure form of rustic beauty. Who can say no to such a collection where you know, natural components have been used in the maximum of its production and minimal harm will be caused when they might be discarded later. Having said all about wood and the wide-ranging touch of its trimming elements, we here are to get to know a little bit more about the Fancy Wooden-Made embellishments where there is loveliness, there is trendiness and where they have your enhancement ideas up to the ninth.

wooden made-3

When the word Wooden-Made in an enhancement stage is said, there is a wide spectrum of items that comes to our mind. But here we are to see mixt possible usages and styles of these trims in terms of fashion importance. These items can range from beads to buttons to show fastens and handcrafted/machine made ornaments and accessories. We here at LaceCraft (now a multi-seller website) have our range out, titled Wooden-Made; and its verity and fancy uses are guaranteed to blow your mind away. With a surety of style quotient, market value and great worth for the money spent they can be used in trappings and on attires at the same time. Having the Hand Crafted Wooden-Made adornments on the rims of your Shirt style Afghani Kurthi or the Printed wooden beads stuck on your fusion saree blouse as the back opening, styling the Floral Wooden beads into a lace formation to go onto the rims of your high waisted midi for a bohemian style or making the Hand-made wooden buttons, Assorted Wood button shapes and the Wooden-Made geometric beads into a fine stylish frame around a designer off-grid style heavy red-carpet look dupatta, having the Wooden craft beads as a fancy supplement to your trims closet or the chain of Animal motif Wooden-Mades to enhance your ornamentation cupboard, molding the Trendy Wooden-Made shapes into a chunky stylish run-way ready neckpiece or framing the Wooden-Made hand cuff bracelets in a sharp and crisp look, hand fashioning  the Polished Wooden-Mades into a customised bracelet and ear hoops set  to wearing the Wooden-Made woven accessories to style the whole look into a carefree presence, making the Wooden-Made seed look beads into a banjara type anklet for a free spirited look or having the Wooden-Made show buttons and the Rustic Wooden-Made chunky drops form into a waterfall wall partition, having the beauty of Wooden-Made collection in your home décor or fine tuning the Wooden-Made collectables for a special surprise customised piece… framing them into your grand ideas is just what awaits a fine and beautiful surprise in your creative ideas. Let the concepts flow and let these Wooden-Mades make them striking and improved to fit the splendor of their natural prettiness…

Having all those ideas mentioned above, it’s just the wait that’s left to have them filled in your artistic designs. With the Conical-light-triangular look stylish and Egyptian royalty inspired simple-chic stately look wood bangle or the Dates-fruit-seed look generic style multi-purpose chic and rich feel plain look wooden type beads; the Rough and ragged cut look semi-roundish feel multi-purpose fancy and trendy chain corded modish look beads or the Tribal and hipster look grand chic simple presented voguish elegant and fleek type youthful wood bangle; the Little Betta inspired fighter fish motif fun and cute trendy look wood molded fancy bead button or the Square and leaves modern art style glaze digital print look chic and stylish grand feel trendy wood made pack of beads; the Fancy shaped Brazil-nut-look hip and modern style varied look yet genteel done multi-purpose wooden beads strung chain or the Flat profile round made chic and circle marked short-barrel look upscale fancy done funky feel verity style wooden beadswooden made-5

it’s just plain ideas that has tonnes to speak and waiting for their right fashioning to be done in custom bliss…

LaceCraft Wooden-Made is always at hand and finally, when the time comes for an alternative to the traditional embroidery, adornment and decoration, you will have just one thought that comes to mind:-   

                       “ Wooden-Made: Responsible embellishment with care”…

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