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The splendor in framing it right… with the borders

Borders to an Attire is like two peas in a pod; they not only frame the whole look with a new welcoming perspective but also graces the get-up in a collected way with a calming effect on the wearer as well as the on-looker. According to the literary definition taking the sense of borders being a part of the fashion trims, “A Border is a decorative strip around the edge of something (noun)”, ‘e.g.: she stitched a border on to one of the plain white saris’(with a Fancy border) (Definition Source: We can deduce here that, a Border frames out a piece in such a way that it is separated from the others beautifully and in a very positive aesthetic sense (all taken in the fact that, these trims are used in the right and artistic way).

  • There is a common misconception that these edging companions are just limited to being decorated on Sarees, other dresses and as in a way only fixed to a wearable item. But it has to be made clear that not only borders decorate our clothes but also almost every of the lifestyle items surrounding us- like home furnishings, accessories etc.
  • Another interesting element is that when it comes to the items of these rim sets, there are a few subsections as well (given lesser significance and ignoring the resemblances), which are individuals in their own way but a part very much in harmony with the whole concept of the borders. Taking the Lace borders as well as the Ribbon borders into attention, they too are a great alternative of hem decoration and a beautiful substitute to the protagonist of this write-up. However these ones differ in their concepts; they have a common aim in the end–to beautify the items they are laid upon, to jazz up the feel and to tastefully create a whole fancy and well-accepted look.

Borders are a one-stop solution to creating wonders in a short-cut way. Rather than taking the time and effort to do the ornamentation individually and in a stretch, items like the Saree/Sari border designs, Beads embellished borders, Artsy borders etc. when stitched on to the pieces of your liking does marvelous wonders and in many times in far better way. Such is the use and appeal of these Ornamented borders, that they sell like hot cakes and are in very much of a demand worldwide. Taking up the creativeness is down to an individual’s idea of style and they can be set in any way you want to make them a distinct piece of your custom selections. The Designer Sari/Saree border on an elegant cocktail soft net saree or the Temple art border on a heavy silk plain Banarasi number, the Bridal border on a lavish wedding outfit or the Kundan stone border on the neck, empire line, hems and dupatta frame of a Mughal inspired royal festive Anarkali salwar set, on the high waist and bottom hems of a desi style cigarette pants with the Brocade style border or the tiers, waist and hems of an extra flared gypsy skirt with the Geometric design border, the Beads embellished border on the racer neck and hem of the stylish shift mini dress for a special night out or the Embellished border on the frills, boat neckline and hem of a semi-formal peplum midi suit, the Floral rich border on a custom made strip of your satchel bag or the Cut-work Sari/ Saree border used to decorate the one-off IPad case that you handmade, embellishing your special occasion window drapes with the Rhinestone border or having your party set dining area wrap ornamented with the Tribal look border in a luxuriously embroidered way… The range at LaceCraft is infinite when it comes to mixing the project and matching your concepts of decoration.

With a varied set of items and offerings, we here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller platform), make sure that the products are selected and sourced with a firm focus on the trend flow and the customer acceptability. Be it the Pukka traditional style and ways inspired contemporary presentation fine stately feel posh stones, sequin and zari chord full ornamented border or the Eclectic banjara look country style hippy feel fancy elements ornamented rich cultural style fun and festive party border; the Multi layered fine feel rich look shining elements finely added classy and placate type glorious and bold style well gilded trendy border or the Scallop edges happy celebrations Dulhan look posh and stately presented retro palace inspired modish and modern classy border; the Fine layers style different parallel repeats monarchical look royal feel festive celebrating trendy and chic grand gilded border or the Rich, royal and beautifully breath taking princess feel fine and wonderful party style celebrations bridal look kundan stones and zari chord done border; the Fiery-flowery fun and eclectic bohemian style fancy and fashionably graceful casual and party feel vibrantly well embellished diverse border or the Parallel lines two size sequins formation uncomplicated rich and fine look celebratory style noble and posh look festive trendy border … the LaceCraft Borders are soul of a perfectly framed article and no one can deny it.

When it comes to outlining in style, these products get you all the brownie points with the fashion factor. So let’s in conclusion say that it’s ‘The splendor in Framing it Right… with the Borders’.

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