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The bit of awe, a piece of enhancement- the happy wonder called ‘patches'

Life today is in a way repetitive, tuned to a monotonous flow of pre-programmed thoughts and actions with each living moment. Having said this, the fact is that there is a certain way and schedule all reiterate in his/her life as the day before and this happens to a huge majority of the populace on the earth irrespective of where, when or who they are. It’s when the thoughts come out-of-the-box, that there is a break from this. Fashion plays a great part in bringing difference and happiness to the lives of people and, experimenting with different factors give life to Fashion. Let’s say, along with the main branch of design and creation of an out-fit, the trims and accessory wing in the Fashion sector gives blood to the veins; breathing in life to the wearer and creator of each design. Ornamentation too has a huge hand in making that diversity whether it’s done element by element or in a piece pre-assembled together. This is where the importance or rather- the significance of the ‘Patches’ come into existence. Patches by expert definition from the Oxford dictionary means ‘A piece of cloth sewn on to clothing as a badge or distinguishing mark’, and here it can be further implied as ‘An ornamented piece of clothing/ other material…’

We here at LaceCraft have a line entirely dedicated to ‘the bit of awe, a piece of enhancement- the happy wonder called Patches’. Be it the ‘Dome and Minaret style eye shape cut out full beads, Zardosi coils and thread worked appliqué  patch’ to go well on a designer outfit of your choice or a festive grab, on your special window drapes or your fancy ornamental table runner, decorative on a handmade tote bad or stuck on a personalized gift box for a dear one; or the ‘Basket stitch thread worked twin pearl featured Zardosi coil and thread embroidered dolak patch’ to be worked on to a  designer chiffon saree or a soft net number, on the borders of a celebratory dupatta or the hems and sleeves of a Patiala top, decorating your festive clutch or a special arrangement on your home linen…; the ‘Thread work and Zardosi-coil net base French-knots cute sparrow patch’ decorating a designer casual skirt or a tank top, along the hems of a cute toddler ballerina inspired frock or on the surface a silk scarf strip, to adorn your hand-made satchel bag or on the straps of a custom made sling sack; the ‘Ornate shape Gotapatti and Zardosi coil rich festive patch’ on the borders of a bridal dupatta or the surface the lehanga that comes along with it, framing a net saree or the empire line of a royal Anarkali, decorating your festive potli clutch or the facade of your special occasion home décor to create a fashion ripple; these items have their own clique to grab on to the fashion inspiration of creative minds crossing their paths.

It is important here to be mentioned that all patches are not ‘oh-so-festive’ and blinged up, but there are items which carry the grace of simplicity and elegance to spice up your casual and semi-format out-fits too. Inspired from nature and its beings in total, made with precision in design and work, they can switch any boring and plain outfit into something on the mark like an item coming out of the magical wand of a great design deity. For a casual day out or a cozy time at home, an evening of relaxation or a time of merriment, a joyous occasion or a celebratory moment, to work or to have fun, these phenomenon of handy and trusty pieces named patches puts that exact bit of spice to the outfit you carry on, creating the literal statement making you stand out with that right spot in the monotonous flow of pre-programmed thoughts and actions with each living moment of our existence!!!...

NB: Every item shown in this article is available from LaceCraft

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