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Ribbons-as borders, with love

It’s a heavenly feel when nothing speaks more in volume than a well-defined, rich ornamented piece of beautiful attire. Coming to embellishment, there is a general misconception that the word refers to embroidery, hand works and other related items as such. But this is also a fact that the vast ranges of enhancements include the section of Borders which in turn contains the sub section of Laces and Ribbons. The fun detail to note is that when the word Ribbon is used in a major setting, the thought always goes to the fancy wrapping gift ribbons and the hair ribbons in a primary sense. What most people are unaware is the fact that there is a very stylish, chic and trendy counterpart to our edging companions in the form of the Border style ribbon segment. A very demure at the same time a very flashy spirited item combining fun and fashion, this one can grab any one’s sight with its perfect accompanying style. As an addition to a border or being a rimming item just as it is, the Ribbons may have a calm look but is as unique as the other items in your trims closet. Usually 80% + of the time, the Ribbons are in a Jacquard weave (i.e.:  A Jacquard weave is a raised pattern that is woven rather than printed on to the fabric for a sophisticated look.). To be more specific here, ‘a Jacquard ribbon features an intricately woven design that is embroidered on one side of the ribbon. The unique patterns adorning our jacquards range from paisleys, florals, Greek Key patterns, and traditional geometric motifs to playful and cheery jacquard designs (term ref:’. But this doesn’t mean that all the ribbons are in this style. They come in zari, woven, embossed look, braid style, stretch look and make etc. too.
With the usual options of embellished Laces and rich Borders, the thought and use of ribbons is a refreshing one. Its range has the simplicity of the old English elegance (for example the Velvet ribbons) and at the same time the bubbly feel in the cheerful celebrations of a grand Indian festival (for example the Zardosi ribbons/Zari ribbons). Whatever its appearance and grace is, no one can refuse that they make the things that they are used on a very chic fancy affair in a defined classiness. The more complex is of the style (like the Bridal ribbons) the more richness you can find in them… Deep with the fullness and antiquity of the ornamentation, the ribbons find the right click when used with the right idea and the correct sense of decoration.

Nothing gives the flare and brilliance in an exact sense as much as the fantasy and content the ribbon’s grace finds for you. Either it be on a very traditional plain silk saree with the Antique-look ribbons giving it a regal air or on a designer fusion piece with the Kundan ribbons to give it an imperial lift; on a chic stylish heavy dupatta with the Floral ribbons for a diverse feel or on the edges of an Anarkali suit with the Digital-look ribbons for a blending style; along the hems and waist of an Indo-Western palazzo number with the Embroidered ribbons for a fancy appearance or being into the trend on a box pleated item with the Statement ribbons; decorating the frame of a Shagun Chunni with the Bridal ribbons for a composed and upscale elegance or complimenting a majestic border on a wedding Lehanga with the Designer ribbons; making a statement on a bodycon maxi with the Self design ribbons or finding the exclusivity on a pegged skirt with the shy look of the Silk ribbons; Making a strong statement on the handle of a customised satchel bag with the Royal ribbons or perfecting the style statement of your custom-made scarf with the Embossed ribbons , the mix and match just needs a reason and your customizing dreams just get their wings when it comes to the LaceCraft Ribbons variety.

We here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller site) has come up with the perfect line of fancy and extensive Ribbon collection. Sourced with utmost care for its quality and customer acceptance, the sellers that we are with gives you the promises of a beautiful smile of satisfaction. Whether it be the Leafy vines climbers inspired twisty looks zari fragments style very chic and jari style fine designer sportive type festive trendy ribbon border or the Paisley style fun and cheerful country hippy feel modish and trimly tasteful designer look fancy mango-motif festive and stylish ribbon border, the Majestic-like very mystic and fancy look vines and stylised droplet leaves motif grand festive look chic and trendy modish ribbon or the Artistic digital design style embossed feel very special look fancy elements work mystic and rich type ribbon, the Zari celebrations Diamond loop and twist loop mixed style stones and other fine elements ornamented calm festive-chic rich ribbon border or the Self-design style Zari ribbon border look very fancy and hip yet very calm and soothing feel high-festive celebratory grand ribbon border, the Up and down U style chord fenced tie-feel sequence embellished fancy and trendy look lavish presented chic ribbon border or the Lines and stripes look diagonal repeat brocade weave feel very striking and fashionable celebratory style ornate saree ribbon border etc. etc… just pick any one of your choice and your design will take its flight into the beautiful horizon of creativity with a little note saying ‘Ribbons-As borders, with Love’…

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