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Laces: then, now and how… splendor in the finer rims…

Delicate like a newborn’s smile, fragile like an exotic hand crafted sculpture… Fine like an intricate weave, elegant like a royal wave…. Brisk like an island’s breeze, carefree like a free spirited soul… Laces are like that… The metaphors never end. They are like a dream, gentle like a cotton candy. It senses alike a cosmic charm has come to life or with a variety of the faddiest elegance. They make us feel like we are in a fantasy of bubbly festivities of splendor or living a dream of diverse classiness. Their look is like that of a charmed spell or a creative avatar of Divinities from the blue. According to the bookish implications, a Lace (1)(mass noun) Is a fine open fabric of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns and used especially for trimming garments (; (2) (uncountable noun) Is a very delicate cloth which is made with a lot of holes in it. It is made by twisting together very fine threads of cotton to form patterns (

With an interesting insight, the word Lace has its origin as follows:

(Reference: Google Dictionary)

Laces go way back to the late 1400’s when they were said to be born. But it is still the fact that the ancestries of the laces has been undecided by the chronologists as there are different claims by the French and Italians over it; so are other assertions from the Asians and Americans too. Mainly of a western origin (or as the majority believe), they have their own versions and verity claimed to have been developed from around the world (from East to West, From Europe and Asia and over rest of the world), throughout the cultures. They, according to the popular spirit were always painstakingly Handmade and had a peculiar floral, geometric or nature inspired look. For a special occasion and celebrations, they were made in an intricate style with expensive silk, wool, linen and other natural threads or even gold and silver threads too were used. Laces But for the casual times, they had it made in cotton and other reasonable materials. This continued until Machine made laces came into being and it became much cheaper and easier to be obtained.

It is by the 16th centenary that Laces became more popular with them being used to beautify the sleeves, cuffs, collars and hems of the garments and to decorate the special possessions and household décor. With that both the needle and bobbin laces became prominent favorites. With verities of them being in the market- the Needle-work Laces, Cut-work Laces, Crocheted Laces, Knitted Laces, Machine-made Laces, Bobbin style Laces and Tape look Laces have been the most favored. With the growing need and styles being introduced, ‘it was in 1840 that the demand of Laces took a dramatic surge as Queen Victoria of Great Britain got married in Lace and its influence is still prevalent worldwide especially in the wedding market (Wikipedia/lace)’.

Having said all about Laces and having looked at its origins, it is fair to say that Laces are no more just confined to knitted and hand-made forms, but rather they are being fashioned in interlaced and pressed methods too. The Jacquard loom is used in making many of such styles where these trims have been in production and the Brocade mode in particular is one of the most desired sorts when it comes to the contemporary counterparts of the old traditional Knitted Laces.

Now a days, whatever the scenario is, these edging companions have a huge demand and they are never going to cease in popularity. A major point to be celebrated is that, the Laces are a sub section of the Border trims unit. But due to their striking individuality in making the attires stand out in excellence with their own grace dynamic, the Laces are considered as an Autonomous Subsection of the Fashion Trims community. Woven bases in terms of Laces are also in rave now with verity in weaves and style being experimented for variance. Even hard-pressed and 3-D styles are too marking a foothold in the high-fashion lanes. From Couture to Pert-e-Porte, from Celebratory to Casual collection and so on the Laces will always be a custom sweetheart and we here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller platform)have a huge collection of these alluring Laces in different forms, weaves, enhancements and for the different occasions that light up your lives. 

Styling sets the insight in the right structure and these products are there to get that precise. Having the Embroidered Laces to jazz up the A-line crinkled maxi skirt that you are wearing or fashioning a fitted boat-neck fancy top with a Beaded Lace to wear with the kilt, oomphing up the glamour of an impressive net semi-sheer back lace saree with the Mirror-Work Laces or outlining it right with the Antique style Lace on the ends of a designer custom styled party dupatta, richening the whole look of a blushing bride’s wedding Lehanga with the Zardosi Laces and the Ornamented Laces or making her bridal Chunni a timeless piece with the Moti Laces and the Pipe Laces/the Hanging Laces, having a pair of culottes styled at the waist and hem with the Retro Laces to go along with a bell sleeved crop top done with the Aari Laces on the neck and sleeve hem, livening up the edges of a pair of mini-shorts with the Pom-pom Laces or taking it exact on the point to step up the style of a peplum midi along the rims with the Artistic Laces or the Classy Laces, pumping it to the finest on the surface of a box-clutch with the Zari Laces or adding glamour to your home linen with the Stick-On Laces, toting elegance to your wrapped gift by tying it up with the Bold Laces or customizing your prayer unit with the Floral Laces…. Alternatives are countless and toning it to the occasion offers that well go of fashion celebrations for your lovely life.

With a little help from our eclectic range of LaceCraft Laces, it’s easier to be done that said as regards to an incredible adapting of your graceful out-fit. Be it the Transparent net Zari thread intertwined snakeskin inspired fashionably calm and elegantly trendy simple net base look Lace or the Big Anemone layer style flower spirit verdant and stylish fashionable look trendy chic casual cool applique style flowery Lace; the Rich, elegant and sophisticate simplistic opulence feel waves and scallop edgings zari elements well enhanced festive high-party border or the Mirror elements ZardosiZari rich features upscale festive and grand bridal look heavy ornamented superbly refined border lace; the Artisy celebration full festive mode bridal adornments elegant and simplistic exquisite style calmly collected trendy and ornate border lace  or the Fluff balls very in-trend eclectic and banjara style vibrant and festive pom-poms+danglers designer feel cheerful and free-spirited fancy border Lace; the Heritage look 'Aranmula Valkannadi' inspired royal treasures collection enamel elements and beads tassel look very fancy upscale lace or the Artistic leaves peacock-feather eye inspired regal and rich look very fine feel opulent elements adorned sophisticated style party Lace… these are just a few styles to have, picked from a lot and with them nothing can stop you from getting admiration of the people around you.

To use them and in valuing their greater beauty, it’s good to know and have an appreciation in a bigger sense about the ‘Laces: Then, Now and HowSplendor in the finer rims’…

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