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Laces- are the beauty in the edging companion, the exquisite feel of the border stylers

Nothing feels more exciting and enticing than a well bordered, well embellished, fine hemline styled piece of attire. People are always drawn to the feel of an appropriate and finer presented form rather than a scruffily done design even if its fashioned well. Having the simplicity in elegance is widely accepted and being in the finer side of things cannot always be necessarily being at the hands reach of all. Expenses may sometimes deter some from being experimentative to look finer in the calm way. So to solve this problem, we bring in the marvels in the trusty borders and Laces, of which this is a part. Laces from the Border Laces family has that calm demure at the same time has the spirit of celebrations and the flash of elaborateness.

Laces, from the time man learned the art of ornamentation, has been the trusted companion in their embellishment closet. According the Cambridge Dictionary: Lace (noun)(Material) - is a fine open fabric of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns and used especially for trimming garments (

The main factor while discussing our main topic is that, Laces can be in a fabric form and also be in a border/strip form. Here we are to speak about Laces, their make and uses specific to the ones that are in a border/strip type. To classify them in a general perspective, they can be grouped into three basic classes. Whether it is the Hand-made Laces, the Man-made Laces or the Machine-made Laces they almost have the same presentation and feel. But the make and style may change according to how they are manufactured. Natural and handmade items are always preferred by everyone due to their acceptability in environment friendly ways, but others too become irresistible when it comes to scoring style points and admiration all along. However statements are made, the use and occasion determines the way Laces get the lime light. It may be the simplest of the handmade ones that may hog the red-carpet style but the machine manufactured one can be the item that will glorify the rich potential of a bridal outfit. Be it done in a simple form of Floral Lace style or in a more complex way like the Pipe Laces/ Hangings Laces of having trinkets and ornamentation of stones and features added to it, they vary in the price point to. Come what it may cost, but nobody can deny the fact that Laces make a design feel complete and proper (adding them to the hems, the body or specific sides, they just always churn their magic on).

With an aim to curb the need of customers who demand they get the best for what they spend, innovations on these scenic beauties have always bought the best in them. From flaunting the Zardosi Laces on the hems and borders of a blushing bride’s heavily done Designer Lehanga to the finer style of a regal lady in her Antique style Lace done cocktail saree, on a well acclaimed fusion number with a Geometric Lace or the rims of a fancy palazzo with the Aari Laces, getting into the festive mood with an Indo-Western sheath item decorated with the Mirror Laces or the Beaded Laces or blinging it up on the frame of a stylish upscale party look dupatta with the Cut-Work Laces or the Prime Laces, adding a Stick-On Lace to a great Kurthi design or stitching on a Retro Lace to the empire line of a Grecian drape maxi-dress, preening up your home drapes with the edging of the Modern Laces to finding the right click on your custom made hand clutch with the Assorted Laces…. Having them is a fashion blessing and using them just required a good imagination of mix and match and the right way to style them.

We here @ LaceCraft are ready for your inventive activities with our Fashion Laces range. Be it the Stylised form rain drops artistic eye lids almond shape cut-out style metallic type rivet embellished fine and calm upscale feel Lace or the Twin shade beads, pearls strung grand and fancy look fashionable refined feel classy bridal strip border Lace, the Embossed type surface dimensional cut beads and fabric strip bridal dupatta festive chic royal look fancy border Lace or the Assorted array of fancy beads connected fun party feel cheerful look beautiful and quirky plastic made border Lace , the Roses in full bloom clustered floral motif thread and Zari thread embroidered party style grand feel stylish Lace or the Beads tassels assorted bead types Zari strip base attached fancy and party style quirky border Lace etc. etc… Choice of these Statement Laces can bring in a whole new layer of charismatic originality and approval from the witnesses of for your innovatively fashioned outfits. So with all these we can say that it’s very just to claim that ‘Laces are- The beauty in the edging companion, The exquisite feel of the border stylers…’

NB: Products (Laces) specific to this article mentioned in the pics and write-up, can be sourced from Lacecraft

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