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Jewels of embellishment, in royal style: stick-on patch/laces/beads sheets

Embellishment is a very common word, where in you describe something done to beautify the surface or the general sight of a specific thing or place. To be precise (bearing in mind the meaning of it in a more scholarly way) Enhancement/Embellishment is ‘A decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive’ ( So let’s conclude that this is detailing- especially one that is jazzed up, added to a statement piece or a story-on-a-concept-item to make it more interesting to the buyer. The ornamentation is of many kinds, that classifying them and categorizing it into sub-groups may take a life time to complete. Speaking of a few of its variants- like embroidery, surface ornamentation, bejeweling, appliqueing, painting etc. the beautification makes an item get another face with a bold, chic and urbane frame (whether it be in a simple way or a complex style). Having had a detailing of what enhancements are now; let us get on to the hottest demand of its circle where people get their- minimalist to the craziest ideas- a twist of an exclusive designer feel. Come; it’s time to peek into the world of Stick-on Patches/Laces/Sheets, where just a wave of a hot iron box or a tiny squirt of hot-glue switches your custom ideas and design notions into something of a pretty reality. The former’s invention is such a great time saving relief and is a quick fix rather than spending time setting each stone, pearl and charm individually.

Nothing has been more easy and trendy than having the invention of the Stick-on Patches/Laces, where it’s just your thoughts that have to play into the marvels of the Patch sheets or the Plastic laces or even the Beaded lace roll molding them into the exact form you intend to make. Whether it be a garment, an accessory, a customised object or a home decor; the Stick-on Patches/Laces has all it covered to make the concepts have their very best formation and a chic ending as an awe inspiring final product.

But as all the fine products might need an introduction to its uses and ways to handle, these items of lush and grand flare has their sides of difficulty too. Cutting it the incorrect method or patching them in the wrong direction, sticking the erroneous way to fixing them in the off-beam manner; will only bring a form of substandard look where as doing it the right style adds to its glamour quotient.

Speaking of possible ways to use them in the right way, let’s take for example:

  1. The Jeweled patch sheets, whether they come in a Floral patch sheet style or with a grace of Geometric hot-glue sheets, they just are very precious of a sight. To use the hot-glue patches, one can cut them into individual motifs (1), into strips in straight succession (2) or as a group in a specific shape (3). As they already have a built in ready-to-use glue base, they just need to be placed on the desired surface (clean and dry) and then ironed on. The Diamanté and other trinkets then stick on to the surface as the heat melts the gum base. Another alternative is that, you can use a fabric friendly adhesive and paste them as an applique rather than ironing them. Both ways, the design it’s used on will have an effect of a fine studded royal sight.
  2. The Plastic laces too have their mass following like the Stitch-on plastic laces or the Rhinestone plastic laces, where they give a feel like an embossed effect rather than being flat. They are generally used more in contemporary designs, but traditional custom made grabs too make their style, an enhancing factor. They usually are stitched by hand on to the particular piece, but to make it easier in fixing and as a quick mode in fastening them, fabric glue is too used. However, it is always advised (if using a glue medium) to use a fabric/surface friendly hot-glue- for more effect on the gumminess and the strength of the plastic lace attached to the specific article. In whatever way they are secured, the drift that they have bought is catching its phase being a fashion savvy favorite with the easiness in setting/using and the grace plus exclusivity it brings on to the wearer.
  3. The Beaded lace roll is as wide-ranging of a popular preference as is the Jewelled patch sheets for its sophisticated, lavish and tasteful usefulness. Be it the Fancy lace roll or the Bejewelled lace roll, nothing entices more than the flare and bravura character it exuberates when ornamented on to the item of your choice with the 24 line Beaded lace roll. With the help of stitching, material friendly fabric glue or a good quality hot-glue this one can be fixed on a fine look eclectic saree, a rich window drape to sparkle up your home décor, on an accessory of your choice etc. It’s just the right idea that has to be found, the elements of wonder and godly ornamentation will just follow.

With LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller website) , our articles and merchandises are obtained and researched with much care and taking into the customer demand and market flow of the Fashion sector, our products are guaranteed of satisfaction bringing a wide smile of approval across your face. On the rims of a traditional saree with the Jeweled patch sheets or the edges and fusion lines of a cocktail piece with the Floral patch sheets, along the rims of a traditional salwar suit with the Rhinestones patch sheets or the borders of a fine designer dupatta with the Applique style patch sheets, decorating the lines of a contemporary box-pleat dress with the Pearl plastic laces or defining the waist of a chic high-waisted trouser with the Designer plastic laces, dolling up your home décor with the Accessory plastic laces or trimming it artistically on your wall hangings with the Eclectic lace roll , customizing your favorite pair of traditional sandals with the Fashionable lace roll or decorating the surface of that special hand clutch with the Beaded lace Roll, anything and everything is a celebration of Mix-n-Match, with  diversity and broad-based fashion choices. It should be specially noted that when it comes to our line of Stick-on Patch/Laces/Sheets, everything on a single sheet is of the same motifs and same designs usually in a straight repeat. Cutting them according to the idea and creative inkling brings the fine sense of luxury and sumptuousness to your design concepts.

Be it the Artistic and contemporary stylised look half circle arched look rhinestones and halo illusion beads formation metallic royal lace or the Splendidly impressive posh and fiery look half-dome style beads and rhinestone studded grand celebrations look transparent base beads sheet; the Rhinestones diamond exquisite look rich and royal feel grand prong settings trendy and very fashionable look exclusive style lace or the Overlapping rivet style funky and contemporary look very chic and calmly glamorous designer look geometric elements beads sheet ; the Hip and gloriously peaceful look excellent and royal alluring almond eye shape enamel filling look rhinestone studded rich red-carpet style lace or the Big-dahlia look anemone motif floral fantasy very chic and festive style fine look luxurious feel Poshly festive grand beads sheet; the Stylised design pearl centered stylish and fashionable well-presented designer look splendid and trendy opulent feel lace or the Splendidly sportive fine and designer feel full bloom stones and grand beads embellished floral rangoli look beads sheet; the Mystic eye powerful look frame and stone stud fancy feel posh and rich look magnificent high-style upscale finished Stylish Lace or the Mirror work base style fancy and celebratory elements voguish and fashionable celebrations and festivities feel fancy rivettes and stones beads sheet- coming to the ultimate meaning of having these beauties; festivities is all what they say, celebrations is all what they mean and when it comes to having the finesse of style, these crowd pullers have their statement ready to be yelled on view…Jewels of embellishment, In Royal style: Stick-On Patch/Laces/Sheets’…

NB: References are sourced from, and other internet data bases. Products (Stick-On Patch/Laces/Sheets) specific to this article mentioned in the pics, can be sourced from

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