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Fashion – specks of scattered thoughts!!!

  • By Jos Chakshu
  • • Jan 31, 2019

Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts!!! (1)

(Introduction: Fashion has always fascinated people. It is quite a run to get it right but at the same time, it’s a book open plain and wide… This article is a start of a mini-series (sort of attempt) trying to explore Fashion, from the timeman madeleaf ornaments to the present reality where you don’t even have to go to the shops to do a purchase. On behalf of LaceCraft, these few articles will try to gather the sprinkled opinions on Fashion and its happenings through the eyes of a creative professional…)

Searching for things eye-catching has always been a part and parcel of human life even when the species of our forefathers started to evolve and develop. Although there are no solid evidences to show that our pre-historic fathers had mastered the task of shopping or even if there was some sort of trading line in those times, there have been hint and bits of detailing stuff. The cave paintings and ancient artifacts especially those excavated from certain places are said to have a concentration of indications that suggest that trade have been at least a partial fact of daily life in those times. When we speak of trade and exchange here, it most probably might have been an ancient form of barter style specialty where one could bring in an object(s) that they had (in surplus or were not in need any more) to exchange with something that they needed in preference. When these types of set-ups caught the demand we can assume that more and more objects came into exchange and thus little (or more) items of beautification and presumably fashion had an introduction. It will be really in a thought of just, to say that our predecessors in the earlier stages of human species were a zero in fashion. But when the lives became a part of social groups and formations (rather made to form a more resistance and survival tactic at that time), ideas of self adornment came to be a fact of acceptance. From tiny stones and rocks of interest to the feathers of hunted birds that bore a curiosity from the onlooker to flowers of attraction and so on, these trinkets slowly but steadily became an element of social standing and admiration. Not only they had a gradual increase in the ranks of prize but they became a fashion statement for whoever festooned them. The lives of people where on a constant race in transformation of development (socially, economically, psychologically, mentally etc.) and every part of their day to day life thus changed.

Earlier in ancient times man had no awareness of clothing and was in their stark nakedness every day. Then came the time when the beings started to understand the necessity of being covered to have a protection against at least certain factors that were causing them harm like whether, insects and other attributes. So then came into the existence the first form of clothing (supposedly) that might have been certain leaves strung with vines to hold them together and had their lower body covered.  Then special ornamentation started to creep in like specially formed twigs or certain blooms of interest and then into more complicated of the stuff (in those times) like stones and shells. So much so that their leaders and pack-heads were given the respect of being decked with rare feathers and other charms as a symbolism of power and control (and at the same time showing a ray of fashion sense too). In these progresses, barks of trees that were softer in nature, natural fibers like cotton, flax and other filaments etc., animal hides and so on were also credited into reinforce the concept of clothing and covering the body which then doubled into the ideas of growth in fashion notions and impressions. Slowly by steadily, the idea of usage of the clothing to be a covering of the human body changed in the society with the shift of developments as a human race and as a civilization too. More and more methods of procedures and styles began to emerge when the species of our ancestors evolved and developed churning out the modern day beings we are. It is worth remembering that all these while the hominid species were evolving, there was a breakage of geographical race and classes too. So to say that, the bit of fashion ideas that these carried forward was to form in different styles and arrangements that we see around the world today. And as a result we have in this modern period a great eclectic array of historical as well as contemporary foundations in development of fashion (that we can have alife timeof learning yet the essence of its underlying depth cannot be reached). With the cultures and traditions that have made into the way of this undergoing development, not only the world as a whole family has had its verity-in-mix, but to say that the trend and style choices too have had a greater influence in a positive way (and in a minute way negatively) too is true.

Spending habits too have changed from the primitive man (when he exchanged his tree-bark sheath to get some cowry shells for adornment) to the ultra-humans in modernity (where they exchange Bit coins to accumulate wealth that might or might not be an immediate necessity). Earlier days the shopping style was just to get what was the prime necessity that man needed. But things have developed into so much of a materialistic stage that amassing wealth and assets are the status symbol. This is a blatant distinction to the time when our primeval forebears considered an extra gleaming nugget or an inversely twisted twig a representation of fortune. Coming back to the topic of the main discussion here, Fashion has been in an interest from the earliest times. The gradual formation of the notion of styles and trends were also an idea of expression and demeanor. When art and its subsidiaries weren’t enough to covey the ideas of a free mind, fashion was the next handle to hold on to. After all, who can deny the fact that art and Fashion co-inhibit in thefree spiritedworld of imaginations andexpressions.

Fashion is a term where ideas go forth and back to be influenced and to influence, and this process will be in the mode of continuity as the inspirations have the mystic power of arresting concepts from the start of time. For example let’s take the fact that a modern simple sleeveless sheath tunic (a rave of the youth) might have a bearing resemblance to the first clothing (in a proper form) that humans might ever had (fluid to a certain, simple to create, comfortable and very ease in the way to handle) or coming to the recent eras when denim was invented (with cotton woven in a rugged durable way) for the workers to have a more stronger form of clothing that it would last and not get damaged easily. Today denim is a high status statement with all forms of clothing molded from it to create couture form fashion statements. Out of every effects and impact that can be made on the thought of fashion in style, it’s even a little amusing to see the ripped/rugged style statements in forms of clothing beingfavoredover spotless attires. What was considered to be a symbol of scarceness and rough life is now a sign of being able to afford expensive stylishness and making astatement.Likewise, the lives of the modern man have seen a rising increase into the back to the roots/nature in the statement. Fashion too is taking the avowal seriously and is in a former style retro chic element in almost all of its aspects. For many when the word ‘Fashion’ is spoken, it just means that a term in relation with the grabs and dresses worn. But, what numerous don’t know is that this word has developed in leagues ahead from the time when it was related to just a clothing to cover the body. Today fashion is inclusive of all things related to garments, its subsidiary decorations-a.k.a accessories and to certain extends a mammoth part of the Lifestyle industry too. Fashion had its hard journey from its limited beginning to the prehistoric gathering to its most complicated yet enticing existence, and now the trade and exchange of fashion doesn’t even need to have a trip to the shops. Having to go to the places of trade and then selecting and de-selecting the choices are sadly but truly a chore of disinterest to many. It has been proven to be a therapeutic source of energy when window shopping is done with full interest and want. Still, as times go by and the lives have become a competition of worth, people have an increase in disinterest in going out and having fun with shopping. So when Online shopping (a great and profitable invention to the Fashion sector) was credited into actuality to be bought as a lifeline to the business of the crowd, its demand has never seen a decline since. Online shopping was invented and pioneered by Michael Aldrich in 1979 when he allied an adjusted home TV through a phone line to an actual multi-user business handling workstation ( First introduced as a quick solution to shopping on a busy day for necessities (which couldn’t make it to the next break-from-work) or for getting your hands on something that’s not near you, it has spread like the web of wild fire. So from the everyday items to the most complicated ones, you get it here with the press of a button. It would be true when it’s said that Fashion is one of the most profit making sectors when it comes to being online. From an item valued at the minimum of the price to one that’s beyond a usual person’s reach, fashion is at your service with just the rule that you need to be at the mind set to prowl the internet with fashion statements and design styles in mind. The growth of fashion has always been a fascinating element to many. From its humble beginnings with stones and shells as an attractive element to diamonds and metals gracing the most expensive of the trends on planet earth, from being sold on the nook of the caves to being at hand on the touch of a single button… Fashion is at no mood in being stopped…. So there will be no surprise when someone has their thoughts said out loud with the saying ‘Fashion – Specks of scattered thoughts


To be continued…




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