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Fabrics- the mould of fashion stories

They are the life, they are the mould, they are the base when style stories are told… They are the breath of life as it comes to theorizing the fashion dreams, they let the thoughts and ideas transform into solid form… They simply are the best, they are the Fabrics...  The medium of expression with grace, they give out the results encapsulating the ideas like no other method. Fine like a mildew bloom, fancy like a crystal show piece, eclectic like a carefree soul or composed like the soldier on line, fabrics don’t just fit into the description of a fashion muse , but rather they fly high and flow free tuning to the designs and impressions they are to made into. From the time the first man learned to clothe themselves, Fabrics have been omnipresent in our lives as an honorary living entity. Be it the first from of beaten down bark or the rough and coarse cotton cloth, the unaligned fibers bought together as a single piece or the natural items spun as one to form a drapery, the cloths we wear and the materials they are made from, has had as much as an evolution as the humans have had from their forefathers. With a start in spinning and weaving at around BC 3400 in Egypt, the form of raw textiles have been in a constant phase of development, evolution and advancement. With an intend of own use and protection, man certainded to make the first clothing, but when the production exceeded their consumption, that’s when they decided to trade the weaves and thus slowly but popularly, the industry had its first steps. Following that, the textile trade that is today has grown as much that, even its vastness cannot be calculated and rounded up. Saying all these, it shouldn’t be implied that the Fabrics (or textiles as we call them in a generic form), is just all natural and woven. Rather it is to be understood that with all the technological advancement and development, draperies are now past the natural phase and well into the man-made period with synthetics, non-woven and even 3-D printed items gaining a momentum at a very high-speed. But still the ‘au natural’ fabrics will always be the man’s darling pertaining to their efficiency, benefits and simple availability. So, all in all Fabrics are a celebration of ideas and fashion philosophies that give the right tinge of beauty, creativity and everything worth indulging.

We here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSeller platform) are all about the fabrics and in celebration of their vivaciousity and verity, bring you a range that’s worth every penny you spend and beyond. With its actuality and options to carve your ideas and creativity into; edging the fabrics into a piece worth its entire glory and fashion acceptance, our products are sourced with a deep research into the market flow and the latest of the customer demands, keeping in mind the utmost care for our shopper’s demands. Drape it into the most sensuous of the sarees or the best romantic of a fusion piece, an assorted stylised from of a carefree skirt or a concept piece with a theatrical flair, a simple dress to go out with friends or a dreamy elegance with intimate worth, a princess piece to woo the crowds or a star like item to bring the stakes high, an elegant one with personal value or a stately design to show it all off, decorating your home concepts with stellar like finesse or making the customised dreams a beautiful reality, materializing them into a modish decoration or forming the fabrics into an inventive piece; nothing has the limits in giving our fabrics that subtlety and design blaze to sparkle-up-high and above.
Choosing from our raw-clothing line has never been easier and matching every occasion we have something for everyone here. Be it the Wild garden look leaves and huge dandelion inspired varied motifs strikingly wonderful ornate ornamented silk base fabric or the Travancore inspired royal style flowers and gardens neat and polished look trend-favored silk base fabric; the Feather leaves and tea rose style fancy inspired varied design celebratory grand feel silk based fabric or the Twisted rose floral fancy royal flowers grand embellished Raani-aura luxurious look trendy festive silk base fabric; the Elegantly classy done chic and modern ornamented floral tribute beautiful world grand festive silk base fabric or the Stylised design designer feel very aplomb and calm look palatial feel bridal festive chic silk base fabric; the Mughal motifs jaali geometrics inspired verdant and imperial stylish mirthful and festive bridal-chic fancy silk base fabric or the Free spirited carefree style tribal look impressive geometric inspired ornate and superior fancy look silk base fabric; the Oriental designer tiles abstract art inspired designer feel floral geometry celebrations festive and trendy silk base fabric or the Night sky majestic look godly feel grand yet simplistically embellished sparkly and celestial cut silk base cotton work fabric; the Nature and beauty stylish spring feel flowers of the heaven inspired floral corsage motif party-chic free flow look blooming wonders net fabric or the Majestic look royal impression four flowers beautiful motif festive-casual fancy feel eclectic style tissue base fabric; the Cherubic feel blooming floral fantasy rose and buds sprig thread worked festive special-day sheer look fabric or the Magisterial and sublime red-carpet perfect deep-sea mystic look trendy and verdant opulently ornamented floral sheer fabric; the Blooms and leaves long and short embroidered heavy work netted fabric or the Dreamy mystical look forest fairy feel sparkle dusted abstract floral feel bloom shape pearls formation night disco themed elegant fabric; the Enchanted reverie feel floral and vines inspired thread work, beads and heart flower motif grand look celebratory style net look sheer type base exclusive fabric or the Fiery fire flower inspired tiny stud bloom pearl formation embroidered on a net festive and fireworks looking imperial cut net fabric; The royal looking Monarch butterfly inspired scatter repeat shimmer butterfly outline motif digital sense feel grand festivities special feel regal type fabric or the Paisley celebrations grand look rich feel floral festive impressive and eclectic style efflorescent fabric etc. etc. … When the lineup is this varied, why wait rather than indulge yourself with a pick from our Fashion Fabrics line. Having that fine weight of trend and festivity well balanced to their side, this is sure to make the crowd pulled towards you; such is the awe and fantasy that they create with whatever they are turned into.
Nothing more to say, nothing more to show buts it’s their satisfactoriness that is to speak… it’s their demand that is to sparkle… it’s their magic that is to brighten up your sensation in announcing ‘Fabrics- The mould of fashion stories’…

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