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Creating a dream, sewing it with glee- fabrics, our greatest creative buddy!!!

Fabrics! It’s just not a simple word to say when it comes to the footings of Fashion and its allied realm. Gorgeous is just a term, Elegant garbs it finest; Mystically resembling a queenly wave and superior like the peak of the Monarchs, Imposing like a glamorous élan or immaculate like a fine carving; fabrics administer the design selections apt for the occasions. According to the more popular definition of Fabrics, they are ‘materials made through weaving, knitting, spreading, crocheting, or bonding that may be used in production of further goods (garments, etc.)(Ref. - It is interesting to note that many a time people mistakenly refer to fabrics as textile and seldom know the difference while mixing both the terms together. It’s fair to say that ‘While Textile can be made from fiber, yarn or fabric or a combination of them, Fabric can only be achieved from fiber (non-woven) and or yarn (by weaving or knitting). Textile has a broader term when applied to the clothing industry where as Fabric can be limited (in most terms) to the clothing to make dresses and other stuff of fashion and lifestyle choices.’ ( Another remarkable thing is that Fabrics many times are misunderstood as clothing too. To clarify that, let say ‘Cloth is a fabric used to make a garment or anything that has a specific purpose. Thus cloth is just a type of woven fabric. All cloths are fabrics, while all fabrics are not cloths.’ (

To have a more elaborate vision on what a fabric is, going into its make and knowing its variants is important. To start let’s know that fabrics come in numerous makes, the main two of them being Woven Fabrics and Non-Woven Fabrics. After those two there is a lesser known section called the Pressed Fabrics (constrained make). However way it is produced, fibers (natural or man-made) are joined, intersected, pressed or wound to finally form the fabric. Coming in a pack of types, they arise as either Natural created (Silk, Cotton, Jute, Flax, Linen, Plant-based etc.) or Man-made based (Polyester, Viscose, Lycra, Crepe etc.), with the natural fabrics having more demand due to their eco-friendliness, sustainability and recyclable dynamics. These fabric-picks which are modish and cool with an upmarket flare apt for a majestic vision, has to have embroidered and heavy ornamented elements to devise an elaborate grace in the fabric types. This just is the true hint of that smooth euphoric touch that will content your chic proportions. Trimming too plays a great deal when selecting them for different occurrences- from a casual instance to a formal event, from a lively celebration to a black-tie affair- Ornamented Fabrics, Self-design Fabrics, Printed FabricsLace Fabrics etc. gives us a lot of spoil to choose from.

We here at LaceCraft (now a MultiSelling platform) (and a specialized Fashion retail Fabric online store) compresses all the particulars and subtleties of the poise and declaration in the fabric medley and have bought you an assortment right for a magnificent wardrobe, to polish your visions, to make your occasions whole. Be it the Handcrafted fabric made in a khadi loom to create a vivacious and meaningful designer saree to a Knitted fabric to be made into a stretchy bodycon mini dress for a dinner outing with your friends; be it the Velvet fabric to be molded into a romantic thigh slit fitted ankle length skirt and an Embroidered fabric to be used to make a crop top halter style to go with the skirt; the Festive fabric to be made into a simple yet royally elegant floor length Anarkali suit or making an Embellished fabric in the form of a traditional half saree; using the customised Curtain fabric to spruce up your window drapes or having the Geometric print fabric as a well framed bed linen, stitching the Artsy fabric into a flamboyant hobo bag or making the borders of a custom made laptop cover from the Brocade fabric…. The medium just has to be decided on and the range of Fabrics is at your provision to mark your out-fit visions an actuality.

Form, the Breezy style eclectic bohemian look assorted excellent feel fun and fancy type red-carpet inspired feather and stones well embellished designer net fabric or the Diagonal diamond shaped floral thread worked realistic look digital feel faux print rustic rose stem off-set style contemporary chic fabric; the Three floral leaves and buds blooming corsage style grand efflorescent look stylish and high fashion feel opulent silk base fabric or the Multi floral fusion blooms assorted style verdant and cheerful carefree celebrations thread and sequins worked rich party flare silk base fabric; the Mixed flowers, leaves and buds florid bouquet look celebrity style upscale lavish feel pearls and sequins thread worked trendy posh fabric or the Sketches and blooms style fancy flowers stylish ornamentation very festive and grand look celebrity feel elegantly cool fabric etc. etc… our products are picked for you from multiple sources after a deep research in the fashion market for their trend acceptability and market demand. LaceCraft Fabrics gives you that promise of full satisfaction and value for what you spend.

So as a concluding message, it’s only justifiable when we proclaim- ‘Creating a dream, Sewing it with glee- Fabrics, our greatest creative buddy’.

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