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Beads of elegance, songs of festivities- and it’s called moti/mothi lace borders..

Beads of Elegance, Songs of Festivities-  And it’s called Moti/Mothi Lace Borders.

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Elements of fashion are just not limited to design innovation and material verities, but it spans to accessory actuality and essentials of beautifications. Borders mostly are a quintessential part of garment modification. They just not add a personal touch to the design, but also frame the structure in such a way that they are lovable, graceful and all the way stylishly enticing. These all get applicable only if the wonders called borders are handled with an artistically fair hand, otherwise they just fall flat on the wearer. Saying that, the eclectic world of borders itself is a mini-universe; sub-classified into many more of verities of which the fabric borders, beads borders, stones and trinkets borders, modern borders, traditional borders, contemporary borders etc. are just a few to name. Depending on the make, use and the place they are from, these framing companions branch out like the veins of the human race running through the folds and waves of our existence.

Pointing out all these fascinating facts of the rimming beauties, one particular item silently but steadily has made a strong hold on the fashion and life style world. The Moti/Mothi borders have such an enchanting way with their form, that with their simplistic elegance and imperial feel, they make the simplest of the garb and designs into pieces of tranquil and majestic exquisiteness. On a designer saree or an eclectic festive outfit, on the edges of a one-off custom made bridal chunari or along the rims of a bohemian tiered and flare skirt, decorating the brims of an evening gown or oomphing up a western style design, on the borders of that chic statement window drapes or the surface of your dear accessory to customise it up, these prettiness of a piece just shows us how it should be stylized their way. Not just making you and your wear an awe-inspiring uniqueness in a calm tactic, these Moti/Mothi borders take the level and meaning of ‘With-Grace-in-Flair, the Panache Bravura of Moti/Moti Lace borders’, have a smartly voguish twist.

Available in different sizes, the beads borders usually run from a 7.5 meter to a 9-meter length. These come in sizes according to the kind and blends of the assortment in the beads and the lace verities they are attached to. From a fabric strip to a woven piece, a knitted one to a crocheted style, a pressed make to a recycled look; the base (or the strip as it is usually known) of the beads border may come in as much as the verity and types as the motis, those are strung and artistically placed to form the border lace. As mentioned above, they are not only made in a multifarious range, but also in diverse moti/mothi/beads sizes too. It ranges usually from a 3mm to a 6mm and a 10 mm size. Other measurements too come in, but the former ones are in usual demand of the traditional customers globally.

We here at LaceCraft have opened our MultiSeller platform to suppliers of these delightful pieces-in-lengths for a grand experience of fashion meeting trend fiesta, for our customers and buyers. Be it the Beads assorted big-and-small alterative strung festive style grand celebrations fancy moti/mothi lace border or the Grand type dupatta special celebrations look imperial make two size fancy trend feel beads pajeb moti lace, The one-two one-two arranged small size fancy beads metallic colour special feel festive chic royally simple beads made moti/mothi lace border or the Bridal look great posh feel tiny-to-big beads strung tassel style sharp and striking look pajeb beads moti/mothi border, the Glazed look fine finish celebration type royal fancy chic feel elegant two type beads border moti/mothi lace or the Pearls celebration rich feel striking and posh look calmly placate feel very grand type moti/mothi lace, the Elaborate and Ornate feel lavish glazed poised and sophisticated look bridal type beads style mothi/moti lace or the Simple feel grand look fine repeat one size bold look fancy festive beads moti/mothi lace border; these creative bands of fashion and simple poise, gets us that pinch on trendiness and chicness, that will give the uplift to the creations of the out-fits their well-deserved awe-inspiring face of admiration.

With that… let's pledge our alliances, let’s make them give our dresses a tweak of vivacity, let them take over their fair share of the lime light as they simply are our sweet hearts, our fancy addition to our trims closets… They are just calmly, posh and inspiring: ‘the Beads of elegance, the songs of Festivities- And it’s called Moti/Mothi Lace Borders’…

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